Meet Rudi Rainbow: the main character of our first children’s app: Rudi Rainbow and the lost colors. It is a cute, interactive storybook teaching kids aged 4 and above about the weather. The story takes place in Novemberville, the capital of an adventurous world where the weather is made. Each resident takes part in a very important task: fulfilling the weather forecast. One day, Rudi’s colors get blown away by a huge storm. With the help from his friends and – most importantly – your child, Rudi has to retrieve his colors one after the other. Each color comes with a weather condition explained in detail by the respective Novemberville resident. In order to make these parts understandable and fun, we added matching interactive tasks and mini games. The iPad app will be available in English and German. It will be completely safe and kid friendly, without advertising or in-app purchases. For more information and updates visit our Rudi Rainbow website.

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